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If I had had any idea where to go or what I would be doing, I think I would have moved back to the MidRealm. It would have been a better thing to do at the time, than stay here.
But Catherine and I met each other and I cant imagine life without her.
And other aspects of life are opening up. I dont have to always do what I did when I first moved here. Especially if it drives me crazy trying to figure out what to do.


Okay..sigdrifa unloaded, wares look nice. Coffee Bean is pretty good,needs a single, thinner coating. That can be done.


Sigdrifa is running a glaze firing of the more unusually shaped mokuzuki. Also got a test of what is supposed to be a cone 6 ashy glaze that is supposed to be runny..we'll see..crossing fingers. I hope to get photos tomorrow.I am back in Temple City briefly for Mauds studio day an for me to get caught up on things.
Hoping Catherine drops by tomorrow..she thinks she is. Hope so!


I really think the way merchanting has dried up in Caid (it may be as "the leaders' tell us is the reason, or it may not be, and is just a way for them to be lazy..who knows? And it may not matter) maybe a device to get me to rethink what I am doing, and how I am making my living. I think this is a not so gentle reminder to stop being lazy an take more creative charge in what I do to help make a living. To be more creative, to be more bold.
Which is a good thing.
I have always said, that if the SCA went to dust, I would still be a potter.
Well, in a way, it has. And I never have particularly liked being a Laurel in Caid.
And ideas have been coming to me, and some alreaddy have been accepted.

Laurel medallion

I am giving Mercy the amber and wire wrapped Laurel medallian that Huette wore the most. It seemed very appropriate that Mercy gets it. It really doent matter if she is elevated with it or not. I just want it to go to the Right Home.

Descanzo Gardens

The tea ceremony was in the Japanese garde section of Descanzo Gardens. While I was uncomfortable shooting photos in the ceremony itself, not so much outside..
Camelia A
Camelia B
Camelia C
Catherine and tea room
Descanzo Garden japanese garden
Garden japanese
Interesting table areas
Japanese Garden in Descanzo
Rest area
Tearoom 2
Zen Garden C
Zen Garden D
Zen garden

Tea ceremony

one of the more intresting thingsthat occured at the tea ceremony was that i was the only male in the audience. After the end of the ceremony, each member of the audeince was given a mochi ball and a bowl of the tea used. when a guest is given a bowl of tea, it is turned to its most interesting side towards the guest. Well, my teabowl arrived, and the young lady turned it towards me, and it had two demons combatting on that side. and i was the only one to recieve that. i thot that was SO cool!

Parts of tea ceremony

Amoung the various things I learned and sensed at the tea ceremony, the more confirming was that the hostess replenished the fresh water jar next to the tea water heater, from a vessels we would swear was a teapot. But it isnt. tea is not made in it, it just carries fresh water to the fresh water jar. I was wondering; good to see it confirmed.
so much was graceful, so much was done wiht care, consideration and grace. So much with manners and aesthetics.
Watching our hostesses hands..such grace and accuracy.
Looking for the interesting sides of vessels, teh care with which nothing touched the ground of the scoops and teaspoons or wishes.
I loved it..I want to go again. I can really see Iga ware as flower holders.


Its hailing in Upland right now. We were out shopping and are very glad tp be home right now. Coldest damn winter since i moved here,

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